Dolphin Watching

One hears a great deal about dolphin watching in Lagos, Algarve and before parting with 35 Euros, it’s good to have an idea of what it’s all about.

The first question that comes to your mind is probably: will I see any??!!  One must bear in mind that the dolphins just off Lagos are neither tagged nor fed and sighting them every time is not guaranteed.  Like us, they sometimes do not feel like socialising and want some peace and quiet too.  Having said that, dolphins breed all year round and can be found on their favourite reefs most of the time where they feed. Not to see any is therefore very rare.  What’s more, if you don’t see any dolphins you get to go out again another day free of charge so it may be an idea not to go on your last day of your holiday!

What is rarely said is that a dolphin watching excursion also means a ride on the sea.  And what a ride!!!  We work with a very reputable company called “Seafaris” and their  RIB (rigid inflatable boat) is fast, very fast!  Two 440 horsepower outboards plus 2 hamilton water jets whisk you over the water at about 50 km/h. That’s already an experience in itself for adults and children!!! Hold on to hats, sunglasses and false teeth! Also, you may pass infront of all of the famous grottos, coves, hidden beaches and the Pont de Piedade.


Depending on where the schools are, you will follow the breath taking coast towards Praia da Luz (West) or towards Praia da Rocha (East) and then out to sea.  Either way, you’ll enjoy a few hours on the water but take a sweatshirt with you just in case due to the wind chill but windproof jackets are available. Once the dolphins have been sighted, the crew slows the boat right down to a walking pace and gently follows the school.  This is when the magical display begins all around.  You can move about the boat and see these beautiful creatures right up close as they dash under the boat and follow alongside. Take pictures (camera??) and enjoy the spectacle offered to you by these wild and graceful animals that live in their own habitat, free and happy.  No tricks, no somersaults and no “performing”. Then, after sharing interesting information about the dolphins and answering many a question, the crew then slowly veers off and without rush heads back to Lagos.  Slowly at first then back up to 30 knots again!

If, on the other hand, you would like something a little more comfortable, we can also reserve with "Adventure Holidays".  They have a bigger and slower boat with seats, benches, a bar and toilets.


All in all it is a wonderful half-day experience that combines a boat trip, a sight-seeing tour and dolphin watching all in one.  The crew is kind and competent, have a great sense of humour and do their best to make your trip a memorable one.  Definetely to be recommended during your holiday.

Lagos is only 10 minutes by car from your apartments in Praia da Luz and the public bus is very cheap.  We recommend reserving in advance, especially during the holiday season.  Just come by the reception and we can make all reservation for you.

Video by geoffmacartney