Extreme Sports in the Algarve

Luz Beach Apartments, self catering accommodation in Praia da Luz, AlgarveFrom Alvor airstrip, just 20 minutes drive from Praia da Luz, it is possible to achieve the ultimate adrenaline rush of freefall from 4,000m, followed by a gentle parachute down to earth whilst enjoying stunning views of the Algarve coastline and Monchique hill range. You can also take a course to learn to skydive solo.

There is a new and excellent motor racing course just 30 minutes away which holds track days, off road races and has a superb go-karting course, suitable for adults and children.

From an altitude of 950m, follow the dirt tracks and look out for the jumps on your way down the side of the highest mountain in the Algarve on your specially fitted off-road mountain bike. Not for the faint-hearted

Jet-ski's can be hired from the beach, just 50m from your accommodation in Praia da Luz and the crystal clear, calm summer waters are the perfect place to get up to a blistering speed.