Monchique down to sea level guided mountain bike trip

If you like biking and want to do something different during your stay,  we recommend the Monchique downhill ride.  In one sentence: one gets taken to the top of Foia at Monchique (904m above sea level) in a mini-van and then one rides all the way downhill to the sea on a rented mountain bike (approximately 35 km) with a guide and lunch stop half way down!  Fantastic!! 

Before you press the back button on your browser saying that this sounds too difficult, read on as there are 2 options!

One can choose between the “off road ” and the “nature” route but that choice must be made when reserving at the reception.  Both involve very little uphill riding and you will get picked up right from the Luz Beach Apartments!

This could be you!

The off road downhill route:  a fun ride down a variety of trails,  tarmac roads, wide paths, double and single tracks.  However, there aren’t any dangerous, steep nor technical sections such as jumps, ramps, tight hairpins etc.  Anyone able to ride a mountain bike along a single track can do this trip.  

Single track

A “single track”   is a narrow trail for mountain bikes that is approximately the width of the bike. It contrasts with a “double track”, or fire road which is wide enough for four-wheeled off-road vehicles. It is mostly smooth and flowing, but it may also exhibit technical sections with stones or gravel and may be criss-crossed with small tree roots, muddy sections etc.

Double track winding through the Eucalyptus forest


The nature downhill route: for those that prefer quiet tarred roads or easy paths in very good condition. This route is more family orientated and for those that can ride a bicycle but that have never done any mountain biking and that want to enjoy the breath taking scenery. It is easier than the off road trip but just as much fun.

"Sporty" children as of 12 years of age (150 cm) that can ride can also do the trip.  Watch the short video below in order to get an idea of what the nature downhill route is like.

The few short uphill sections on both routes can be tackled by anyone in a normal physical condition, meaning able to ride a bicycle for about 20 kilometers.
Lunch is included in the price. Depending on the size of the group, it will be a healthy picnic or will be in a typical Portuguese restaurant in a small and authentic village overlooking the Algarve. The “menu” is simple but tasty, consisting of a typical Portuguese soup, salad and a drink, followed by a piece of cake and a locally grown orange. It is recommended that you eat a sturdy breakfast before going and to take an energy bar in your back pack.

The remainder of the 35 km trip will take you down through Eucalyptus forests, past primitive farm houses, green fields and small villages, all the way back to the starting point where you will be greeted with a very welcome glass of beer to celebrate your arrival!

We work with a very reliable company called Outdoor Tours.  The rental bikes and equipment are in very good condition and the guide and support team are helpful and professional.   The multi-lingual guides stop frequently and give information on the flora and fauna.  The support vehicle with back-up bikes and your equipment follows you down the hill and meets up with you at predetermined points along the way.  All of your belongings are transported for you too! Great if you need to shed a layer of clothing or need some extra water.  The support vehicle can also pick up those in need for a rest!

We recommend doing this trip. It’s fun, original and the view of the South and West coast of the Algarve from the summit of Monchique is fantastic.

Both the Off-road and the Nature trip run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Other days possible for groups of 4 persons or more.

Price per adult: 48.00 € - 18 years or older
Price per child: 38.00 € - up to 17 years old (minimum age: off-road trip:  16 years and 160 cm tall, nature trip: 12 years and 150 cm tall)
Child discount applies when each child is accompanied by at least one adult. Special prices for larger groups and families.
Return transport service from the Luz Beach Apartments: 5,00 €

All trips include transport up the mountain, a professional bike guide, All Terrain Bike available in the sizes XS to XXL (rider length 160 - 200 cm), helmet, gloves, a service car following the group and cooled water to drink the whole day.
Also included is a healthy and tasty homemade picnic lunch with vegetable soup, green salad, a pasta salad with vegetable and tuna, and a freshly squeezed orange juice or a simple menu in a restaurant along the way, depending on the size of the group.