A walk out of the door...

Here are a few walks that we recommend in the region.  We will be adding more as time goes on.

Difficulty levels: 
Please note that the difficulty level DOES NOT take the length of the walk into account

Easy: family walk, no steep sections.
Medium: for people that enjoy walking.  Adequate footwear necessary.  Some sections may be steepish
Difficult: for seasoned walkers.  Steep sections, some exposed sections (no special equipment necessary).


1) Praia de Luz - Porto de Mós (level: medium, time 1h30, return: on foot or by bus)

This clifftop walk is stunning.  Do not be put off when you look East and see the steep track that leads up to the monument.  Although you will walk past the monument in question, the path leading up to it is far easier then the one you see from Praia de Luz. 

Note: Please be careful when walking along the clifftop.  Do NOT walk too close to the edge as some sections are fragile.  Stay on the main path and you will enjoy one of the prettiest walks in the region.

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2) Praia de Luz to Burgau (level: easy.  Time: 1h30 return: on foot or by bus)

Another wonderful walk along the cliffs but easier than the Praia de Luz Porto do Mos walk as there are no steep bits.  As a matter of fact, you might meet a few people doing it on their mountain bikes.  Even the small hill half way along the walk can be circumnavigated by taking the path on the North side along the fence.  However, if you would like to enjoy a fabulous view from the top of that hill you will just have to tackle it.  If you're feeling tired, you can catch a bus back to Luz from Burgau after a drink in one of the bars or even lunch in a restaurant there.


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