What's New at the Luz Beach Apartments??

We would like your holiday to be one of the best ever.  For that reason, our apartments are maintained to a high standard by the owner.  Apart from general maintenance (minor repairs, repainting etc) we continuously make improvements.  Below you will find a list of things we have done over the past year in order to make your holiday even more enjoyable.


April 2012: new mattresses
Getting a good night's sleep is essential in order to enjoy a holiday.  New, high quality mattresses were put in all of the apartments. We started replacing them in 2011 and finished replacing them in spring 2012.

May 2012: installation of Wifi internet
Many of our guests requested a Wifi connection in their apartments so we have installed a high quality WIFI system covering the entire complex.

Prices: 24 hours = € 2,50,  3 days = € 7, 1 week = € 15

June 2012: new windows , curtains and terrace doors New aluminium windows and terrace doors as well as curtains were installed in the Sea Front studios and apartments. Sea View apartments, less exposed to the "elements" will be seen to in autumn in 2015.

September 2012: terraces renovated and repainted
The Sea Front terraces were all repainted and the earth in flower beds was replaced by pretty white stones, making the view over the beach and sea even more enjoyable.

September 2012: security cameras installed
In order to increase security, closed circuit security cameras that operate 24 hours a day have been installed in all of the common areas as well as in front of the main entrance.

October 2012: connection with the Galley Bar
The Galley Bar & Restaurant, located next to the Luz Beach Apartments can now be accessed directly from the apartments via a new security door that also serves as an extra fire escape.  You can now get directly to the promenade and to the beach from the apartments.

November 2012: electronic key cards for all apartments
We have replaced the entrance keys to all apartments with an electronic card system. This makes things simpler for our guests and also further increases security. In order to save electricity and lower our carbon footprint we have also installed an electricity saving system. The electronic key also served to to turn on the electricity once inside the apartment. 

November 2012: child safe balconies
See-through plexiglass panels can be installed on selected balconies  to prevent toddlers from climbing up on the wires.  If you would think you need a child proof balcony, please tell us in advance.  Not all apartments are fitted with child proof balonies.  If you would like a child safe balcony please let us know well in advance as availability is limited.

December 2012: repainted and renovated the access area.
The common area that leads to the apartments has been repainted and renovated, making things to look very nice indeed.


January 2013: extra activities, car hire and airport transfers
Looking for and booking activities such as dolphin watching, cave trips, big game fishing, sailing, kite surfing, BBQ cruises, water parks etc. can be tedious. If you want to start your holiday on day 1, we can save time for you and simplify your stay. The receptionist can also provide you with information on what there is to do and visit in the area. Book trips and visits at the reception and at the official prices.  There is no surcharge for our service.

February 2013: heating and airconditioning
A cool nights sleep is essential. Airconditioning and heating is included in the rental of your apartment. New and quieter units have been installed where necessary.


February 2013: Beach umbrellas, surf boards and cooler boxes
As one cannot go to the beach without these three essential items, we provide each apartment with them free of charge. What's more, you will find an ice pack in your fridge that you can put in the cooler box that will keep your drinks and food nice and cool.


November 2013: new staff
A friendly welcome and a smile is a wonderful way to start the day!  The manager, Miss Claire Sadler has lived in the area for almost her entire life and knows where the best beaches on the West Coast are, where to go for a good "apéro" and where to dine.

Miss Colette joined us in November.   She speaks Portuguese, French, German and of course English, her native language. Always happy to help you, Colette also knows just about everything there is to know about Luz, Lagos and beyond.

Mrs. Anna heads the efficient and discrete cleaning staff and always bears a smile too.  Anna and Ocsana are the persons to talk to in order to catch up with the local gossip (in Portuguese mind you). 

December 2013: Nespresso coffee machines in all apartments
Now you can start the day in a special way.  Each apartment has been fitted with Nespresso machines and capsules can be obtained at the reception.

January 2014: hammocks!
Get into the swing!

Hammocks have been installed on the terraces of the apartments that have one. Imagine enjoying your afternoon drink gently swinging in the breeze listening to the surf!

January 2014: LED lighting
Conscious of our carbon footprint, we have installed LED lighting in all of the kitchens, giving better and more efficient light.

Februrary 2014: sofa beds 
Modern and comfortable sofa beds suitable for adults have been installed in numerous apartments, thus increasing capacity.  Check the apartment descriptions for details!

February 2014: Bigger Sea View Apartment
Our 2 bedroom Sea View apartment can now accommodate up to 6 adults.  Ideal for large families or for 2 couples that what a bit of independance and that extra space. 

January 2015: defibrillator 
These life saving devices can now be seen in many public places.  We have recently installed one near the reception and the staff have been trained how to operate it.  Should you require medical help during your stay, "Luz Doc" runs a 24-hour service and is just up the road. 

February 2015: New mattress for our sea view studio:
Our romantic hide-away on the beach had a drawback: the mattress.  We have now solved the problem and have put in a thick English quality spring mattress, bigger than the old one (135 cm x 190 cm) and much more comfortable.

March 2015: Beach towels for sale at the reception:
Many simply do not have  space in their bags to pack a beach towel.  We now sell high quality towels at the reception so that you can get down onto the beach as soon as you arrive!

June 2015: Separations on the balconies of the Sea View apartments:
In order to increase privacy, separations between all of the Sea View balconies have been installed. They are effective, look smart and are a great plus.